A perfect alchemy of citrus and spicy notes

Hugh Parsons Traditional was the first launch of the line and still nowadays the best known.

In order to try to understand this fragrance, you should imagine being in the boutique of Hugh Parsons in London, during 1925, with horse drawn carriages passing along Regent Street in front of the windows of the luxury boutique.

The fragrance conveys and reproduces with a scent, the refinement and preciousness fabrics used for the production of ties. It is inspired by the colors of brown, orange, dark green, and deep blue.

It is a fragrance dedicated to the man with dynamic style, looking for a fragrance with personality: the brilliant harmony of spices notes combined with citrus head.

“We can not reject the persuasive power of scent… there is no way to oppose it“.

Patrick Süskind


Olfactory notes

The fragrance opens up with the citrus notes of Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin. The addition of Blackberry in the top note gives an original and slightly fruity sensation.

The heart is spicy, composed by Angelica Seeds, Cardamom and Juniper Berries: it is made extremely elegant by the Black Pepper from Madagascar.

The bottom is intense and sensual: the protagonists are the woody notes of Mysore Sandalwood and Ambergris.


Green Accents
Black Berry
Amber Gris


  • White Hall

 The chemistry between the virility of White Pepper and the lightness of Geranium

The inspiration of this fragrance was found in Palace of Whitehall, the residence of the kings of England and their families from 1530 until 1698.

The building was in the Westminster area, where today lies the street that bears the same name of the building. When it was built, it was the biggest palace in the world.
Today only the banqueting hall remains, and it is currently is used by the Royal family for some banquets and ceremonies.

The packaging, white and extremely elegant, it contains an original fragrance very persistence, sublimated by whites notes to express this symbol greatness.

It is a perfect alchemy between pepper and white pepper.

If my love had a color, it would be
white… Pure, delicate but strong enough to hold
itself ‘all the other colors. 
Anton Vanligt


Old factory notes

The fragrance opens up with agreements citrusy Bergamot and

Grapefruit, enhanced by the Orange Blossom.

The heart highlights the spicy notes, but at the same time
delicate White Pepper in accordance with the Geranium
Bourbon characterizes the perfume.

The base note is enhanced by persistent woody notes of
Patchouli and Vetiver Bourbon from Singapore that, in
accordance with the White Amber and Russian Leather, give
personality, sophistication and originality to the fragrance.


Grape Fruit
Orange Blossom
White Pepper
White Amber


  • Hyde Park


The combination between the Green Notes and Fig


Hyde Park is the largest and greenest Royal Park in London: huge, wonderful and evocative.

The different kind of plants, the large thematic garden, such as the Rose Garden, offer a visual and olfactory sensations, absolutely unique.

These are the features that inspired our perfumer Maurizio Cerizza, to create a completely original fragrance.


….here is a little forest whose leaf is ever green – here
is a brighter garden – were not a frost has been, in it’s
unfading flowers….
Emily Dickinson


Olfactory notes

It opens with the green notes of Fig Leaves, with citrus accents of Bergamot, Spicy Pink Pepper and Angelica, exalted by the green and fruity notes of Cassis and Davana.

The body of the fragrance is flowery, it is inspired by the theme gardens of Hyde Park and it is composed by Damask Rose and Jasmine Sambac that blend in a sophisticated union with the fragrance of fig.

The fragrance closes with the woody notes of Patchouli, Wood Fig and Vetiver of Haiti in agreement with notes of Incense, Labdanum, Amber and Musk that ensure great persistence.


Fig leaves
Pink Pepper
Jasmin Sambac
Rosa Damascena
Fig wood
Vetiver of Haiti


  • Piccadilly Circus


Citrus fruits and their aromas intensity


Piccadilly Circus, one of the most iconic places in London is a crossroads that links business, tourism, and the city’s history.

Chaotic, crowded, exciting, fashionable and fascinating.

Hugh Parsons pays a tribute to Piccadilly Circus as a significant aspect of the city of London.

An involving fragrance where the Citrus notes of Cedar, Lemon and Rosemary shines on the Ambergris and Musk depth.


“…Wind of flavours always singing the epithalamium.
Oh, hurry up on the dark lands.
And cross the sea”
James Joyce


Olfactory notes


A “flavour” of citrus and wild that releases an agreement of Cedar and Sicilian Lemon enriches by the unique aroma of Wild Rosemary.

The heart develops around surprising roots of Vetiver, intensely masculine and enveloping, accompanied by floral notes of Pitosforo and accents of bitter Lavender Barreme.

The deeply aristocratic aroma are revealed in the base notes of Musk, Amber and green woody accents of Musk and Tonka Bean. The Ambergris gives a unique impression, noble, and unmistakable.




Amber Gris
Tonka Beans

5-Regent Street

 Pervading floral bouquet

Regent Street is one of the oldest streets in London. From 1825, it was a dividing line between Soho, a working-class neighbourhood, and the luxurious Mayfair.

The old buildings were small and old concept: the first department stores were opened at the end of 1800 and Regent Street was redesigned and rebuilt.

The new and the old style combined as inspiration of the fragrance Regent Street.

A unique and original fragrance, created for the dynamic and elegant man, who doesn’t want to be pushy with his perfume.


“…the permanent essence, usually hidden in things is
liberated and, wakes
up getting the heavenly nourishment which is offered”
Marcel Proust


Olfactory notes

The fragrance opens up with the green notes of Violet Leaves of Provence, Geranium Bourbon and Mastic.

The heart of the fragrance is flowery. It is built by the agreement of Freesia and Iris. It is made extremely elegant by the inclusion of Sambac Jasmine.

The heart is followed by an intense combination of persistent notes of Musk, Ambrette Seeds and Ambergris.


Violet Leaves
Geranium Leaves


Amber Seed
Amber Gris


6-King’s Road


The intensity of lavender combined with spicy notes


King’s Road, one of the most fashionable district.

All the most important firms stores today are living there.

The idea of the elegance and refinement of the street fall off the back of a lorry in this scent, full of emotion, originality and complexity.


” Purple ears bend in the wind and invite you to follow
the direction of a new colour of love to neutralize the
rebirth of any old pain. “
Nelida Ukmar


Olfactory notes

The freshness of Sicilian Bergamot and Grapefruit and the intensity of Lavender and Rosemary, combined with the sweetness of Blackcurrant and the aromatic notes of Star Anise, make the top note particularly original.

The spicy heart of Piment, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Nutmeg is enriched by elegant floral notes of Magnolia and Jasmine, rounded off by the original water accents.

The base note is characterized by Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli from Singapore and Vetiver Bourbon which gives an unusual aroma of earth and dry grass.


Black Currant
Star Anised
Water Accemts
Black Pepper


7- Oxford Street

The name Oxford Street comes to us thanks to the Earl of Oxford: during 700 he purchased the fields around the street where he organized the masked banquets and important events.

The synergy between the elegance and the atmosphere of the banquets is captured in the scent of Oxford Street.

The sense of luxury is exhaled by the Truffle in the opening of the fragrance, to enhance the sense of elegance: a still modern blend since 2006.


The uniqueness of a perfume with unusual notes
“A rose does not need to preach. It simply spreads its
perfume “
Mahatma Gandhi


Olfactory notes

A sophisticated bouquet that opens up with a citrus and spicy agreement exhaled by Pink Pepper, Truffle, Sicilian Mandarin and Grapefruit, with an aromatic touch of Star Anise and Basil.

The body is absolutely spicy. It carries from the top note the important scent of Pink Pepper enriched by Cumin, Cardamom and Cinnamon.

The heart develops on an intense very woody and persistent base of Patchouli from Singapore, Vetiver Bourbon, and Agar wood, defined in ancient time the wood of the gods.


Star Anized
Rose Peper
Agar Wood


8- Bond Street


Bond Street, located at the heart of Mayfair, is globally famous as being the home of the most important fashion shops which are filled with luxury garments and finely worked jewelry.

Bond Street is also home to several prestigious people. Since 1700, Bond Street has been the meeting place of the most famous and influential of the society.

Admiral Horatio Nelson, Lady Emma Hamilton and many famous writers and poets in the past lived in this famous street.

Even today, after more than three centuries, Bond Street continues to be the preferred destination from major celebrities and has become a must for anyone visiting London.

It is unrivaled in its combination between history and elegance.


Olfactory notes

The fragrance that opens up with a slightly citrus notes of Bergamot and a green shade of Ivy Leaves flowing to the floral notes of Jasmine Sambac and Magnolia, highly original in a masculine scent, giving to the fragrance a unique impression and strong personality.

The masculine notes of Musk, expertly mixed with that of Ambretta seeds, Cedar Wood and White Amber, makes it particularly alluring.



Ivy leaves




Jasmine sambac




White amber

Cedar wood